How It Works

Employers expect every graduate to have baseline knowledge and understanding of the core concepts of technologies. PrepTECH's pre-qualification program (PQP) builds that foundation. Once hired, employers provide hands-on and field training related to many of the concepts learned during the PQP courses.

Courses are divided into sections, each with a quiz, and a 100% score is required to pass. Questions will be shown correct or incorrect; the student may review the material and answer the questions again with unlimited attempts to pass.

Upon completion of each course, there is a Final Test. A score of at least 80% is considered a passing grade and a Certificate of Completion will be available to print when passed.

Situational exercises provide challenging, real-world scenarios requiring logical thinking and analysis to arrive at a solution.

60+ hours of Online Instruction

  • Connected World
  • Installation
  • Networking
  • Sound, Audio and Video
  • Sources and Streaming Media
  • Troubleshooting
  • Project Management and Documentation
  • Situational Exercises
  • Interview Preparation

Scholarships are available!