1. Understanding the Connected World
    • Overview of the Industry and IoT
    • Subsystems and Integration
    • Project Phases
    • Stakeholders
    • Ongoing Trends and Future Technologies
  1. Fundamentals for Electronic Systems Technicians
    • Construction
    • Jobsite Safety and Etiquette
    • Cables, Connectors, and Termination
    • Hand and Power Tools
    • Industry Standards
  1. Networking Fundamentals
    • Internet and Signals
    • TCP/IP and IP addresses
    • Terminology – DHCP, MAC, Static, Dynamic, VPN and more
    • Wired and Wireless Networks
    • Network Setup and Security
  1. Sound, Audio, and Video Principles
    • Analog and Digital Signals
    • Amplification, Impedance, and Performance
    • Components, Installation, and Setup
    • Display Principles and Calibration
  1. Sources and Streaming Media
    • Analog and Digital Audio Sources
    • Types of Video Sources
    • Component Connection Options
    • Delivery Options and Online Services
    • Streaming Media Considerations
  1. Troubleshooting
    • Testing Tools and Tests
    • Troubleshooting Techniques
    • Testing Cables and Components
    • Common Problems
  1. Project Management and Documentation
    • Project Flow Charts
    • Supporting Documentation
    • Block Diagrams, Schematics, Layouts
    • Work and Change Orders
    • Schedules – Cable, Lighting and more
    • Case Study
  1. Working in the Field

  1. Interview Preparation
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