A year ago, I joined a custom integrator company that installs very cool systems in luxury homes. The experience has been nothing less than awesome!
It’s busy, challenging and fun. Every day is a different set of tasks, and learning is constant.

  • Here is my typical day:
  • 7 AM — Arrive at the office get my work plan
    • Load products in the company van with my mentor assigned to me (lead tech)
    • Drive to the work site
    • On-site, I perform a variety of tasks; sometimes wiring, installing speakers or keypads, mounting TVs or a projector, calibrating audio, video even lighting systems, testing all functions, terminating rack connections and more
    • At day end I report my hours, tasks completed and communicate issues that occurred on the site
  • 4 PM — Return to the office

But, what I really enjoy is the feeling of accomplishment, making things work together, and seeing the surprise and delight of the client when they get handed the keys to the system.
I am learning stuff every day and building skills I never knew I would have. The company is great too. Everyone works together for a great outcome. It’ s hard not to think we are the best at what we do. It’s great to be in a dynamic, growing field and PrepTECH got me here.

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