Assessments - a Barometer for Job Success

While an employee’s skill level and experiences are important for success, their job preferences and motivation can play an even more important role in their success in the technician role. Thorough assessments predict real-world job performance and unique personality and value tests allow employers to get to know apprentice candidates as real people - not just pieces of paper.

PrepTECH Assessments

PrepTECH assessments 1 and 2 take 25-minutes and 30-minutes to complete, a total of about an hour. They are proprietary and specific to the home electronics installation industry. They include:

  • Following Instructions - identifies a candidate’s ability to understand and follow written, visual, and verbal instructions
  • Motivation - measures a candidate's preferences and overall motivators as they align with industry-specific roles
  • Critical Thinking - identifies how candidates process information and make sound judgments using analytical skills
  • Culture - assesses how a candidate’s values and behaviors align specifically with organizations in our industry
  • Personality - helps employers understand how candidates interpret the world they work in and manage their emotions

Knowing a person's core beliefs, and how they lead to decision making and actions, can help in understanding how someone reacts to both opportunity and stress, and how they manage situations.

Understanding an individual, their ability to follow instructions, and what "makes them tick" helps align them with a company's work environment, expectations and culture.