Address the Unskilled Labor Force HEAD-ON!

Are you searching and not finding new hires? 

Do you have new hires, but they desperately need to gain industry knowledge?

Here at PrepTECH we pride ourselves in finding and empowering new talent for the industry. Our vast experience in the industry and unique knowledge of what makes a successful technician, will quickly help build your team and contribute to your ongoing success.

  • 40 hours of online courses deliver credentials in home technology - dedicate 4 hours/day and complete the coursework in 10 days
  • Assessments provide employers with valuable insights into candidates; motivation, problem-solving abilities, and personality


ACCESS to Candidates


Subscribe for 12-month access to PrepTECH Scholars and receive Candidate Profiles on all graduates in your area.  Set up virtual and in-person interviews, make an offer to hire, and upon acceptance begin the 90-day new hire period.                Terms & Conditions

Jump-Start New Hires


Elevate your new hires by enrolling them in the PrepTECH Curriculum. The 40+ hours of online courses get them up-to-speed FAST and prepares them for working in the field. Gain insights into what makes them "tick" through extensive Assessments.