Join the Crowd and PITCH IN

If we can generate 10,000 high quality applicants for foundational industry training, we can deliver more than 1,000 new technicians every year - growing the pie of the industry year over year. Friends, long time advocates, brands, companies and associations can all play a role in boosting our bandwidth. Reaching the talent pool is critical to our joint success. PrepTECH is committed to reinvesting every year in this outreach mission, help it get started.

Every technician increases the bandwidth of custom integration.          EVERYONE CAN HELP



Your $100 contribution can generate 7 applicants, moving us toward the goal of 10,000 applicants inside of 24 months.



Your gift of $500 can generate 35 applicants which means more than 3 technicians will enter the workforce within 60 days.



Your $8,000 contribution will fund more than 500 applicants, sponsor scholarships, and highly impact our ability to grow the industry's bandwidth.



This level is reserved for companies over $20M in annual revenue and will generate more than 1,000 applicants and likely result in adding 100+ new technicians.