Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

The process is straight-forward. Fill out an online application, and then take the Assessment. Apply NOW

How much does it cost to participate in the program?

Application and interview processes are FREE. For qualifying applicants hired as apprentices, it is a paid position.  Learn More

How long does the program take?

The application and qualification process takes 3-5 days. Interviewing with hiring employers takes 1-2 weeks. Once hired as an apprentice, the training and skills path typically take 3 to 6 months. Learn More

Do I have to have a high school diploma?

Yes, either a high school diploma or a GED is accepted.

How do I get a job when I qualify for the Apprentice Program?

Upon qualifying for the Apprentice Program, you will work with PrepTECH to create your Candidate Profile. It is then shared with hiring employers. You will receive interview requests that typically lead to job offer(s).

What kind of work will I  be doing as an apprentice?

Starting out as an Apprentice 1, you will be learning the industry, training on different technologies, and working hands-on in the field to learn and verify your skills. Advancing to Apprentice 2 involved more complex tasks and skills. Opportunities abound to work in this exciting industry; from pre-wire to installation of components, building racks, cutting in speakers, mounting displays, projectors, and screens, setting up surveillance cameras, incorporating motorized shades, programming and integrating smart devices, keypads, and remotes and much more. Typical entry positions include Field Technician, Customer Service Support, Logistics and Warehouse Support. Learn More

What will I learn?

When hired as an apprentice, you will receive extensive instruction on the industry, technology installation, networking, audio, video, streaming media, security, and troubleshooting. In addition, you will learn about the flow and management of projects in a company, along with customer service. Learn More

Will I learn how to install certain brands?

All PrepTECH Apprentice 1 instruction is generic and vendor-neutral. Specific products and manufacturers may be shown in the training, but brand-specific instruction is only offered by the vendors and your employer will recommend what to learn.

What does a school have to do to partner with PrepTECH?

It’s easy and FREE for schools to partner with PrepTECH, sign up and we will be calling you!
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How does an installation company use PrepTECH to find new hires?

Employers looking for new hires subscribe to the PrepTECH placement service by paying an annual subscription fee. For one year, employers will receive information on PrepTECH apprentice candidates seeking employment and have access to their Candidate Profile, along with virtual and in-person interviews.. Upon hiring, employers pay a minimal placement fee. Learn More