Ignite Your Career

Technology is changing how we live, work, and play, and there is no better example than what’s happening in the home. You can be on this leading edge of technology installing the most outrageous systems in the finest homes in America.

What You Will Be Doing

Working in high-end homes to install cabling, equipment racks, and a wide variety of audio, video, networking, surveillance, lighting, motorized shades, and control devices. Employed on a team of installation and service professionals catering to clients who enjoy their new amenities by creating many one-of-a-kind solutions.

The Job

40-hour a week; great hours, competitive pay, benefits and a super work environment in a pandemic proof, high-growth industry. Work in a great team atmosphere; focus on innovations, continuously learn, develop job skills, and move your career forward with advancement opportunities.

Exciting Industry

The connected world is here and the explosion of technology in the home has created a demand for luxury systems. This trend will continue as technology evolves, new products emerge, and new solutions develop, creating additional opportunities. The future appears limitless.


Your work life belongs to you, and it should be interesting, fun, and offer opportunities to grow and advance.

Consider becoming involved in the exciting, fast-growing home tech industry by applying for a PrepTECH scholarship TODAY.