Audio, Video, and Streaming Media Technologies

This affordable textbook and reference manual is full of up-to-date material specifically focused on the low-voltage industry.

  • 250+ pages written in plain English
  • Easy-to-understand color graphics
  • Great training manual for students and employees
  • First book in a series on smart homes and buildings
  • Essential for technicians, installation firms, manufacturers, students, and instructors

This volume is the first in a series of three books on smart home and connected office technologies. Together, the three books are designed to prepare the reader to deliver systems and devices for intelligent and connected living at work and home. The series covers installation, networking, communications, audio and video, security and protection, automation and control, and the skills for success when providing these systems.

Each book is also intended to be a stand-alone resource. This book is specifically designed to present the principles of audio and video to give students the resources to enhance their skill set and deliver these sought-after systems. The primary focus is to build a foundation on audio and video principles, wiring, components and installation. The reader is encouraged to assist in the development of a better curriculum and content by submitting ideas and recommended changes to the electrical training ALLIANCE.

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