In luxury homes the standard for technology has risen ever year to where there are over 20 typical areas where technology reigns king. A modern home without these features is considered lacking. Here is our short list of what typically is expected by discerning homeowners:

  1. WiFi Often the core of the home this connects to almost everything. A robust, even enterprise grade, network is needed in larger estate homes.
  2. Cell Boost When you get above 5,000 sq ft of house, there are plenty of walls and obstructions. A well-designed cell repeater system is a basic necessity.
  3. TV’s and Projection systems are outfitted in many homes. Large, high definition video displays and projection systems are common place and can even be cleverly concealed.
  4. Sound Around Getting your favorites tunes in any room of the house and outdoors is expected and streaming sources are endless.
  5. LED Lighting Save power, bring scenes with light and colors, and syncopated mood matching. Lighting in high-end homes is more than switches on the wall. Incorporating light control looms huge.
  6. Automated Window Treatments Make a huge designer difference in elite homes. Lots of windows means lots of things to protect from sunlight. Shading protects and adds romance to these beautiful homes.
  7. Theater Experience A dedicated room for enjoying media is often included with opulence and no frills are spared. Luxury and the experience define these rooms.
  8. Gaming Studios For the rabid gaming enthusiast, a dedicated room can be gaming heaven.
  9. Golf Simulators Rained out or just looking to have fun with friends or get that practice edge? In-home golf simulators get it done.
  10. Serious Listening Audiophiles like a room built just for them for playing vinyl or high-end digital recordings. A sanctuary like this in the home can be off limits for everyone except the music connoisseur.
  11. Cameras In and outside the house cameras provide a watchful eye on the happenings and can send alerts when things ot expected happen.
  12. Gates Often long driveways require gate access to ensure privacy and protection.
  13. Access With many doors and entrances, secure access is a must.
  14. Pure Air In pandemic times and general concerns about air quality have heightened the awareness and expectation for quality air.
  15. Pure Water Managing and filtering water, and monitoring for leaks are smart for the home owners and occupants.
  16. Pure Power Having consistent and high-quality power with surge protection are critical in large scale homes.
  17. Pool/Spa Automated management and remote control of the pool and spa provide convenience, efficiency and savings.
  18. Irrigation High-end homes have extensive landscaping that requires smart irrigation control.
  19. Climate With multiple heating and cooling units, getting it right requires programmed climate control and awareness of occupancy.
  20. Security Life and asset protection, along with safety and fire security, are paramount in large estates.

The possibilities are almost endless, and these clients have the budget to do almost anything imaginable.

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